Real estate agency ad: what is the budget for a successful Adwords campaign?

Now that we have seen how Google Adwords works for real estate professionals and why it is essential that you be present on this type of marketing lever, let’s look at the budget needed to devote to this type of real estate advertising, we understand the importance of being at the top of Google’s results when looking for buyers and sellers, and we must also be able to free the budget needed for an Adwords advertising campaign that Instaon can set up for you. But above all, what is the right budget to allocate? The right price, always the right price….

The budget for a successful Adwords campaign

Google Adwords for a real estate agency, how much does it cost?

What is the price of a keyword? It seems so simple since everything is set up, but how do you find your way around? And how do we know if we are paying the right price for the keyword?
In general, the price of the keyword depends on the competition. The more competitive the sector, the higher the click price.

  • For an uncompetitive sector, we estimate a cost per click of around 0.5 € per click
  • For a competitive sector (dating, real estate…) we estimate the cost per click at around 3 € per click
  • For a very competitive sector (poker, sex…), the cost per click is around 10 € per click.

These are only averages, but they give an approximation according to the competition of requests.
Real estate is a competitive sector, even very competitive depending on the geographical area. Thus we can consider a rather high cost per click in real estate.
The challenge will be to be able to position itself on highly competitive and highly typed requests at a lower cost.
But the variations can be great depending on whether your real estate agency is looking to position itself in a medium-sized sector (city outside Preferences and outside seaside resorts) or whether you are looking to advertise Adwords in a Prefecture city or seaside resort.
In other words, the cost per click can triple depending on whether you place your Google Adwords ad in Paris (Prefecture) Cannes (seaside resort) or Saint-Etienne (medium-sized city).

Google Adwords Immobilier: how much does it cost if you are out of the Prefecture?

From experience, for a real estate agency with a portfolio of around 100 mandates and on a medium-sized city excluding Prefectures and Seaside Resorts, the cost per click is estimated at between €0.50 and €2 per click.
A request on the keywords “house for sale Clermont Ferrand” “apartment for sale Saint Etienne” “sale house Nîmes” etc… we can estimate a CTC (cost per click in French, click throught rate in English) near 1 € per click.
Be careful, as seen in the previous articles, it also depends on the configured duration of your Quality Score.

Advertising Adwords Immobilier: how much does it cost if you advertise in a Prefecture or Seaside Resort city?

As soon as you are in a large city, prefecture or seaside resort, the click rate increases significantly. Indeed, the competition is much tougher and the number of advertisers much more numerous. The budget to be outsourced is therefore significantly higher.
In general, and on requests such as “house for sale in Montpellier”, “apartment sale in Nantes” etc… we estimate the average cost per click at around 2 € per click.